Streamlining and optimizing the development pipeline with consulting, training, and development.

We have been developing and advising on visualization software and cross platform development since 1999. Our projects include work with OpenGL, Direct3D, game engines on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. The main focus of our work is on simplification and shortening of the client’s SDLC


3D and 2D using OpenGL, Direct3D, shading languages, and high level game engines. This is our core field of expertise. Our visualization projects have spanned medical, financial, and entertainment fields.

Cross Platform Development

Developing a codebase of C/C++/Fortran that compiles and runs on multiple platforms is not a trivial task. We make it easy.

Script embedding/binding

Add dynamism to an existing codebase in C, C++, Fortran, or any other compiled language, with embedded scripting language or bindings.

Open Source Libraries

Our extensive experience in developing and using a wide array of open source products enables us to select the most appropriate open source stack for our clients.


Having successfully migrated several projects to Qt, we can confidently say that using Qt as a platform is a faster, smarter way to cross-platform software development at its best.

Data management

Data management, storage and tuning, SQL and NoSQL, Big Data approaches, HDF and MetaKit.

Project Management, SDLC

Build systems, DCVSs, Wiki, auto-documentation are keys to sustainable and successful R&D.

System architecture

Wisely defined architecture is a very important step of R&D, and is a key to successful development.

Source Code Base Management

We can help you manage the codebase properly within a DCVS, with easy, light build processes for different development environments, covered by unit tests, and auto documented.

Mad Dimension

The Range of Our Projects

Some of our completed projects:

  • Medical visualization subsystem

    Refactoring and replacing the rendering visualization code in an extensive medical system.
    Replacing the old style “spaghetti” MFC-based code with a game engine adopted to medical visualization needs.
    This approach resulted in the replacement of 600,000 lines of the old code with 20,000 lines of the code we developed. The result is a very stable and robust visualization subsystem that our client has been benefitting from for the past several years. One person trained to develop and support the new code replaced a 3-person team that used to maintain the old code. We based this project on the open source Nebula 1 game engine with embedded Tcl scripting.

  • Trading system - architecture, implementation

    Backtesting trading system for EOD stocks. Client/Server scriptable (Tcl and Common Lisp) system with data collection, time series, indicators and charts. Developed in C++, and embedded support for Tcl and Common Lisp scripting.

  • Profiling and optimizing of CAD system rendering

    With the help of our consulting and development, the rendering performance of a CAD product of a leading Israeli CAD company has improved about 20-fold, from ~3 to ~60 fps.

  • Migration from DirectShow to Media Foundation

    We developed Media Foundation based support for Windows 8+ for a web camera gesture recognition desktop app, replacing the old DirectShow based module, and optimizing auto camera and capture mode selection.

  • Build systems for proprietary projects

    We designed and developed a script system for generating CMake files. The system allows one to describe the build (compilation and linking) of projects and subprojects in a clear and straightforward manner, by specifying headers, sources and dependencies for platforms.

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